Zircar Refractory Sheet - 9-3/4" Diameter Disc x 1/4"

Zircar Refractory Sheet - 9-3/4" Diameter Disc x 1/4"

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ZIRCAR REFRACTORY SHEET- 9 3/4" Diameter Disc x 1/4" Width

Luminar Alumina Fusing sheet disc by Zircar:

  • A reinforced structural alumina composite material that is a long lasting alternative to the traditional ceramic kiln shelf. It is ideal for slumping and fusing projects to 860 C ( 1550 F).
  • Luminar Fusinf sheets have a smooth burnished surface.
  • It is lighter than other fully dense kiln shelf materials and allows for rapid heating and cooling cycles without dramatic thermal expansion.
  • These sheets can fired repeatedly (its tan color will turn white on its first firing) and can be cut to the desired size with standard saws or other common tools, making it ideal for creating kiln furniture and drop out molds to fit any size kiln.
  • These sheets are 100% organic, non flammable and contain no asbestos.
  • Priming these molds with a thin layer of shelf primer, will provide the best finish and protect your pieces from the potential of stricking.
  • Properly primed sheets can used for many firings and maintain thier smooth finish.
  • *Please note, Discs may not be a perfect circle, they may iunclude a notch or a bump along the permeter due to our forming process

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