Olympic Color Rods Security

Glasscolor.com Virus and Security Policy
Olympic Color Rods is committed to user security and privacy as a matter of daily practice. Every effort is made to protect the Internet at large, and our web site visitors in particular, from the scourge of computer viruses.

It is our policy that all downloadable and executable files used or displayed through this web site are scanned and sanitized using the most current version of Norton Antivirus. The program's anti-virus profiles are updated regularly for maximum security.

To the best of our knowledge and efforts, the current web site and the servers it resides on contain no infected files of their own, nor links to any virus-bearing web pages elsewhere on the Internet. If we discover or are informed of any, they will be removed immediately, and an alert posted for our visitors.

Report Viruses or Suspicious Activity
We have a strict zero tolerance policy for viruses. If you encounter a computer virus via files or links at Glasscolor.com, please notify us immediately. Please identify as clearly as you can the file or URL which you believe is infected. If you know the name of the virus, please tell us. Any file believed to be infected will be removed immediately.

It is our policy not to spam our customers. If you feel you have been spammed by Glasscolor.com, please forward a copy of the offending email (with full headers intact) to sales@glasscolor.com. We take all reports of spam very seriously.

Web Security
Any form on Glasscolor.com which requests the submission of credit card or similarly sensitive information will be done via a secure server with a valid SSL certificate. Customers are warned never to send credit card information through unencrypted email. All such information submitted to us is considered confidential and internal.

If we find evidence that someone has intentionally acted to use this site to: place, use or distribute any virus, hack, spoof, remailer or similar program; unauthorized files, programs, scripts, or server processes; or access restricted areas without proper authorization, all such evidence and facts will be reported to the appropriate State or Federal law enforcement authorities.