Rental Opportunities

Posted by Chris

Hot Shop Rental Santa Cruz, California. Artist studio for rental- Hot Shop, full Coldworking, Fabrication Blacksmithing, limited metal forming and machining as well. The hot shop has an 80# pot running Spectrum Nuggets, 2 large annealers are available 3 glory holes 8", 10" and 15" and a small garage. Coldworking has 14" saw, 18" diamond lap, 20"grit lap, wet sander, diamond lathe, Cerium wheel, wet sander, core drill, water fed 4" hand grinder and other tooling. Check website for details., 510-910-7342.


For Sale

Posted by Ben Miller

The North Carolina Glass Center in Asheville, NC is selling a furnace and glory hole package for $22,000
Please send all inquiries to

Furnace -
     Gas Furnace - Watlow Controller Hub Design Furnace
     76” wide, 70” deep, 76” tall
     400# free standing crucible

Glory Hole -
     12” Retention Ring

25” Deep
     39” wide x 54” deep x 60” tall Yoke and Track Included

Bench -
     38” wide x 41” deep x 32” tall

Tool Deck -
     22” wide x 20” deep x 23” tall


Posted by Greg

Glory Hole for sale - $1500.00 - 17" opening, 44" deep with. Located in Seattle, WA -


Posted by Ed Branson

Large Glory Hole for sale - $3000.00 - 22" opening, 36" deep. Barn doors and pneumatic doors.


Posted by Justin Parker

We are moving out of our studio location in St John's area of Portland Oregon! We are continuing working as Esque Studio and Justin Parker Glass, separate but exciting ventures in individual directions!

We are selling our entire hot shop for $40,000. Or can sell by the piece - please inquire for pricing per item.

The space is available for rent as well, if you're looking to move into an already pimped out glass studio, this is a massive opportunity to move in and light up!

Equipment list:

  • Olympic High Fire Kiln. Front Loader. Bartlett controls 36" x 36" x 36" $8500 OBO
  • Spiral Arts Kiln. Front Loader Watlow. 48" x
  • 38" x 32" $12,500 ОВО
  • Top Loader Kiln. Watlow. 35" x 35"x 26" $2000 OBO
  • Top loader Kiln. Top Loader. Paragon. 15" x 15" x 15" $2000 OBO
  • Electric Furnace. 600 lb Steve Stadleman
  • Model 5' x 5' x 7' $25,000 OBO
  • Spiral Arts Glory Hole. 2 gas burners, 16" opening. With track, rolling yoke and screen $10,000 OBO
  • Pipe Warmer. 18" ribbon burner. $2000 OBO
  • Garage. 2 door Watlow. 36" x 18" x 14"
  • Pipe Cooler. Electric pump $4000 OBO
  • Reciprolap. 18". $3000 ОВО
  • Yolks
  • Spiral Arts Blowing Bench.
  • Pipe Rack, Break off Kegs
  • 3 marvers
  • Shelves and more!

Contact Justin 503-901-0321 or


Posted by Bob Kuster

1ea. - Top load Annealer 65”wide x 32” x 23” deep . 2 doors  $3,500 no controller 

1ea. - Front load Annealer 52” wide x 30” x 27”high. $3,500 no controller 

1ea. - Large glory hole 32” deep x 22” diameter. 2 doors. Ribbon burner 

For more information call Bob at (908) 672 6467


Posted by Hotlanta Glassblowing School

Hotlanta Glassblowing School is for sale. With well over 5,000 customers, it is a profitable school and event rental located in the Metro Atlanta area. Includes brand new 200lb furnace, 2 workstations, 2 12-inch diameter glory holes, 2 annealers, all the pipes, tools, and equipment needed for classes and production. Looking to sell January 2024 or around that time for $120,000. Contact Corey- or 404-805-6786.


Posted by Ed Branson

40ft x 60ft, 101 year old converted apple barn on 1 acre of land in Ashfield, Massachusetts $470,000. After 40 years I have made the challenging decision to retire. I hope this video helps you understand what a special place this is. If you have any questions please email me -


Posted by James Stone

FOR SALE, fully functioning glassblowing studio and gallery space, located in Escondido California. This fully permitted downtown studio has been operational and profitable for over 22 years. Walk in and start blowing glass from day one. Thousand square foot gallery looks right on the main entry street to downtown. 30,000 cars a day drive buy. Long established clientele and internet presence. Available for new owner or equipment purchase January 1 2024. Glass studio has two glass work benches, three glory holes, four annealers complete coldworking including 18 inch lap, belt sander Fordham tools and bits, wooden work tables, stainless steel work tables, complete metal operation including welding table, mig and plasma, 5 Hp screw compressor, inside fireproof storage, outdoor storage, large patio for events, about forty different molds and blow blocks, pipes, puntis, and 40 years-worth is “stuff.” Added value, I live just three blocks away and am available for a smooth transition to new owner. A continued operation in this location will require a new lease with the landlords, which we will help negotiate.  Contact or


Posted by Debbie Noah

Wanted - heat shield for small gloryhole. Used or you make for me. My location is in Central Washington.

Fire on Main Glass Studio -


Posted by Ryan Staub

Large annealer frame for sale. $300.00.  You haul from South Seattle.  Approximate outside dimensions: 6' x 3' x 3'

It is bricked, but I did a couple of things wrong so it doesn't heat well.  You could probably get away with cutting out the floor and putting a layer of board under a new brick floor.  Or you could rebrick the whole thing. The doors need a redesign.  I learned my lesson from this one and, equipment I've built since works great.  I can tell you what you need to do to make this a great unit. The steel alone is worth more than I'm selling it for, I just need it gone so I'm getting rid of it cheap.  I'd prefer to see it be used than scrap it. Call - 206.218.7467


Posted by Craig Sorensen

Marver for sale. Made with 12560 armor plate; this is much harder than A36 mild steel, therefore more scratch resistant. The plate is about 78.7" by 39.3" by 1.5". This has been Blanchard ground and has a very smooth, flat, and beautiful surface. The stand is built in the same manner as a surface plate so that it will not wobble. Four locking casters and a wood cover are also included. Please see for more information. 


$3,141.59 plus tax

Mastercard and Visa are accepted

Local pickup in Peshastin WA is preferred

Forklift assistance can be provided at no additional cost

Price above does not include shipping or crating.

Please contact me at (509) 881-1320 or



Martin Blank Studios Hot Shop Equipment For Sale

Disassembled and moved to indoor storage in 2018, the following equipment from Martin’s shop is all in great shape/working order. Pieces have been revalued by Spiral Arts, Inc. and the prices below reflect what they are worth now; although they are up for negotiation. Shipping not included.

Link to the full equipment packet (includes pictures):

CONTACT: , CC: or call: 206-621-9733



FALORNI                                                        80 X 67 X 68”  $15,000

(measured with flue/recuperator removed)

UPPER FLUE                                                38 X 14 X 14”

RECUPERATOR                                           60 X 6 X 6”

CONTROLLER WALL                                                72 X 64 X 36”

FALORNI VARIABLE SPEED BLOWER                                           $150

(with inverter)



MEDIUM GLORY HOLE                              70 X 56 X 70”   $5,000

SMALL GLORY HOLE                                               60 X 40 X 56”  $2,500

(2) 1 lb. AIR SUPPLY BLOWER                                                          $500 each



ANNEALER 1                                                 96 X 78 X 89”  $15,000 each

ANNEALER 2                                                 96 X 70 X 89”

ANNEALER 3                                                 107 X 67 X 64”


WALL CONTROL BOX #3 AND #4               30 X 36 X 13”

LOADING STAIRS                                         72 X 25 X 46”


(can store inside of annealers)



LARGE MARVER                                                       52 X 24 X 28”  $2,000

(2) SMALL MARVERS                                  32 X 16 X 32”  $500 each



(3) BENCHES                                  50 X 40 X 30”

(measured as interlocked when stored)

(2) SPIRAL ART                                                                                             $3,500 each

CANNED HEAT                                                                                             $2,500



GARAGE                                                        60 X 32 X 67”  $6,000

(with hand tools and combustion system)

PIPE WARMER                                              17 X 28 X 45”  $1,000

PIPE HOLDER                                               27 X 20 X 36”

DUST BOOTH                                                36 X 26 X 68”              $1,000 

(with upper exhaust tube removed)

COLOR BOX                                                 28 X 30 X 68”  $5,000

(Kugler: with rack and control)

BLOWPIPES                                                                                                  $1,000

PIPE COOLER                                                           24 X 24 X 36”


(2) MEDIUM                                                                32 X 60 X 10”

(2) SMALL                                                                  30 X 60 X 10”


Posted by Kevin Turner

2 gloryholes 24" with blowers and 12" burner - $300 each 
Two benches - $100 each 
Pipe warmer - $100 each 
Tool bench - $50 
Electric Denver furnace 50 lb pot - $500 
Electric glass furnace 150 lb pot - $5,000, with 1500 lb of electrobatch and extra element included. 
Marver 4 foot by 2 foot on wheels $50 two cases of fire bricks $100 
Miscellaneous kiln shelf - assorted prices


Posted by Nolan

270lb electric molybdenum element glass furnace, newer crucible, single phase $6,000.00. 
Large Glory Hole 27” diameter open with two manual doors, 5’ deep - Powered by Two 19” pine ridge burners, works great but has seen little use. Comes with blower, and rolling yoke, $2,000.00, 651-271-9723,


Posted by Kathleen

For Sale in Beacon, NY. 
Two High Temperature 24" D Crucibles for sale $450 each plus shipping. Can freight ship to anywhere in continental USA just need zip to figure out cost.
Never used, have been stored in a dry safe location.
Contact Michael -- 845-440-0068


Posted by April Hilton

Brand new Denver Glass Machinery Deep Kiln KL-27D, 220V, 28 amp., 21" X 21" X 12" single phase. $2,100 value, want $1,800 OBO. 
Denver Glass Machinery custom front load annealer, 24" X 24" X 36". 12 cu ft. 220 volt, 42 amp. $5,200 value, want $4,700 OBO. 
Over bought equipment for studio, looking to sell to buy other needed equipment. shipping extra. located Granby Colorado. April Hilton. Email -