Torch Regulator (0-60 PSI) with Hose Nipple

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Torch Regulator (0-60 PSI) with Hose Nipple

Adjustable High Pressure Propane Gas Regulator, 0-60 PSI Adjustable or Fixed, Liquid or Vapor LP Gas, Hand-Wheel, 3-5 GPH Liquid Capacity, 1/4 FNPT Inlet / Outlet / Gauge Port, UL Listed. MEGR-6120-60. Comes with Propane Tank Fitting.

Adjustable Propane Gas Regulator MEGR-6120, is a medium to high capacity regulator with precise regulating characteristics allowing delivered pressures from 0-60 P.S.I. Designed for cylinder systems in liquid or vapor service. Both the inlet and outlet are 1/4 inch female pipe thread. A plugged gauge port is built in to accommodate pressure gauge allowing accurate monitoring of the working pressure