Swedish Style Block - 12cm

Swedish Style Block - 12cm

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Blockhead Swedish Wood Block-12CM

12cm Swedish Block (4.68''). Measurement is at widest point of inside edges, parallel to the handle.

This European style differs from the Blockhead Tools classic Seattle Style in that the bout and tip are more pointed and bullet shaped. Depending on your style, this may save some marvering.

  • Blockhead blocks are CNC carved from locally sourced fresh green stock broadleaf maple wood.
  • The handles of all the blocks are hand-turned with two gripping points and are made from purpleheart for superior rot resistance.
  • Blockhead uses the highest quality materials such as stainless steel for hinges, handle bolts, jake lines, lifting handles, washers, and wingnuts. Brass is used at the feet of the block to indicate size.
  • Depending on one’s tolerances, a wood mold lasts an average of 300 pieces.
  • Keep block submerged in water to prevent mold or rot with the wood after each use.

Damaged/Return/Exchanging of this product:

-A replacement will be provided if there is manufacturing damages present, or damages from transit. You must contact OCR within 72 hours of receipt of your order. We will require photos of the damaged materials, including the original packaging so be sure to keep those directed by OCR staff.

-If you suspect mold or damage do not open the sealed packaging around the block.

-Tools that have been used are no longer eligible for returns or exchanges. No Exceptions.

-Please see Company Policies for further questions or concerns or contact Olympic Color Rods and a team member will be happy to assist you.