Reichenbach Purple and Pink Cane Bundle

Reichenbach Purple and Pink Cane Bundle

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Assorted Purple & Pink Cane Bundle-Transparents

  • Each piece is about 12” in length and can range from is 3-10mm in diameter.
  • This bundle is great to have an assortment of non reactive opaque cane colors to try out!
  • COE 96
  • Bundles are pre-packaged and sold as is, therefore we cannot accommodate specific size requests.
  • Price listed is for 1 bundle.

Bundle includes:

  • R-003-C -(Reichenbach Dark Gold Pink)
  • R-006-C -(Reichenbach Salmon Pink)
  • R-009-C -(Reichenbach Fuchsia)
  • R-010-C -(Reichenbach Violet Blue)
  • R-011-C -(Reichenbach Heliotrope)
  • R-012-C -(Reichenbach Reddish Amethyst)
  • R-013-C -(Reichenbach Amethyst)
  • R-014-C -(Reichenbach Hyacinth Violet)
  • R-228-C -(Reichenbach Dark Heliotrope)
  • R-231-C -(Reichenbach Brilliant Ruby)
  • R-232-C -(Reichenbach Cranberry Pink)
  • R-255-C -(Reichenbach Violet Blue Light)

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