Reichenbach Purple and Pink Cane Bundle

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Reichenbach Purple and Pink Cane Bundle consists of one piece of each of the following:

  • R-003 - Dark Gold Pink
  • R-006 - Salmon
  • R-009 - Fuchsia
  • R-010 - Violet Blue
  • R-011 - Heliotrope
  • R-012 - Reddish Amethyst
  • R-013 - Amethyst
  • R-014 - Hyacinth Violet
  • R-228 - Dark Heliotrope
  • R-231 - Brilliant Ruby
  • R-232 - Cranberry Pink
  • R-255 - Violet Blue Light

Each piece is labeled with the color number.

Each piece is about 12” in length and can range from is 3-10mm in diameter. Bundles are pre-packaged and sold as is, therefore we cannot accommodate specific size requests. Price listed is for 1 bundle.

Cane is 96 COE and may be used on top of 104 COE glass as accent colors (no more than 20% of total glass in the bead).