Reichenbach Hyacinth Violet - Chocolates

Reichenbach Hyacinth Violet - Chocolates

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Reichenbach Hyacinth Violet - Chocolates

Chocolates provide consistency and ease when wanting to create large streaks or pops of solid color, marbled patterns, solid color ornaments, pumpkins and color fades without having to pick up huge pieces of frit, or smash up your color bar! These premium glass color tiles were created to obtain the lure and sparkle of solid color without the fuss of breaking down and weighing out chunks of bar or trying to pick up large frit. Ladled from the top of the color pot, these glass tiles are free of bubbles and cord, then pressed into a graphite mold.

  • Displayed price is per kilogram, with a 1/2 kilogram minimum purchase required.
  • Chocolates are weighed out in 1/2 kilogram increments
  • 1 Kilogram of Chocolates = Approx. 80 Individual Chocolates
  • Each Chocolate is a tile square shape and measures roughly 1x 1x 0.5" inches in size.

Glass is COE 96.

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