A message from OCR on Shipping & Supply Issues

The last two years has impacted the global supply chain more than we could have planned and has completely disrupted our ability to provide you with the experience we would like. Congested ports in Europe and the US are causing enormous delays in our ability to fully stock our shelves.

The good news, if you call it that, is that we are busier than ever. This increase in demand indicates the glass art market is doing very well, so give yourself a pat on the back for being part of a growing industry. The flip side though, is that this combination results in a slowdown of our ability to get orders out the door. What typically took 5 weeks to get a container delivered from Europe, now takes 8-9 weeks. Projections are indicating things will slow even more through the upcoming holiday season.

Our team is working feverishly to bring product in, and get it shipped out to you. We are working very closely with Reichenbach to develop the Gaffer glass line, which is going very well! That said, it is a slow process, and one that both Reichenbach and OCR want to get right.

If there is something on our website that shows “Out of Stock” we encourage you to sign up for email notification for when that item is back in stock. That way, once we receive more of that product, you will receive an automatic email from our system.

We know how tough it is to practice patience, but please know that the OCR team is doing our best to supply this wonderful community of which we are a part.


                                                                                                Thank you so much,

                                                                                                                OCR Team