Graphite Marver Block - 6cm

Graphite Marver Block - 6cm

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Blockhead Graphite Marver Block- 6CM

6cm Graphite Marver Block (2.36''). Measurement is at widest point of inside edges, parallel to the handle.

  • These Graphite Marver Blocks are in the basic block shape that you can also see in Blockhead tools wood block line.
  • The Blockhead Tools Graphite Marver Block sits firmly on rubber feet to prevent sliding off the marver. It is secured to a Birch Ply base which will protect the block even if it does take a tumble.
  • They come in various sizes and can be clamped down to a marver table to have off hand shaping capabilities.
  • The graphite used is fine particle graphite for the highest quality molds and blocks.
  • Graphite molds can produce many thousands of pieces which allows for high detail and longevity of the tool.
  • Cork may be applied to simulate the steam of the wood in rotational molds.
    • (They must be recorked every 300 pieces or so.)
  • Custom sizes available by special order. Contact Olympic Color Rods directly at (206)343-7336

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