Spruce Pine Batch with Erbium - 75lb. Box

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The Spruce Pine Batch “house” formula was designed by Dominic Labino specifically for use by studio glass artists. The Labino Formula is available in a variety of expansions and with or without decolorizer. The most popular version of the Labino Formula has a theoretical expansion of 87.3 x 10-7, with a measured expansion of 96-97 when melted. The annealing point is 482°C (900°F) and the softening point is 662°C (1224°F).

75lb Box contains 6ea 12.5lb bags

30 Boxes per pallet

Online orders are limited to 3 boxes. If you would like to order a larger quantity, please call (206-388-5723) or email mark@glasscolor.com