Glow Powder - Aqua

Glow Powder - Aqua

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Glow Powder- Aqua

  • This powder is as easy to use as any colored glass powder. When given a light source to charge, this powder will glow aqua for hours. It picks up easily and exhibits a matte surface that looks like acid etch. It works best when applied to the outside of a clear crystal or sandwiched between two layers of crystal. It does not work as well applied directly to color, however.
  • Designs from optics are enhanced when charged and then the lights are turned out. Even cane and murrine can glow if applied to the layers. Sales of glowing objects are certain to increase your bottom line. Our customers love it! You will be amazed at how many pieces you can create with one kilo of glow in the dark powder!
  • Safety issues are no greater or less than most colored glass powders. Please use all precautions to prevent this and all powdered glass from becoming airborne or inhaled.
  • Glass is priced per kilo.
  • COE 96

Damaged/Return/Exchanging of this product:

-A replacement will be provided if there is manufacturing damages/defects present, or damages from transit. You must contact OCR within 72 hours of receipt of your order. We will require photos of the damaged materials, including the original packaging so be sure to keep those directed by OCR staff.

Glow Powder MSDS Information