Posted 02/28/2022


Posted 02/28/2022

As March arrives and the longer days slowly thaw us from winter, what better way to celebrate than with an ice-cold glass of your favorite beverage, sipped from handmade specialty glassware! Thanks to BlockHead Tools’ wood molds, your new favorite drinking glass is a phone call, or click away!

With their Archetype Molds for Glassware, speed and precision reign as these custom molds make production lines a breeze. Their newly launched Irish Stout glass mold joins the list of other Glassware molds from BlockHead: Stemless wine glass, Tumbler, Pint, Highball, Martini, Margarita and Champagne. This array of mold shapes will ease the fuss of blowing freehand and allow you to focus on your own creativity and signature style!  For the entire month of March, BlockHead Tools is discounting TWO Archetype molds!

Enjoy 20% Off the American Pint and the NEW Irish Stout Mold from now through March 31st, 2022. Once your order is placed, it will take about a week for us to ship the molds out as we do not stock them on our shelves.

Use Discount Code BLOCK20 at checkout to apply the 20% Discount to your mold.


Posted 09/23/2021


Many of you probably received the announcement that Gaffer Glass sent out last Friday. If not, we are attaching it to this email. Please take a few minutes to read through it as it contains pertinent information about OCR’s future relationship with Reichenbach and Gaffer Glass.

We want to also take a moment to communicate that our team is working extremely hard to fill your orders ASAP, and with the top-tier customer service that is the foundation of OCR. That said, there are many facets of the supply process that are out of our control, and it’s no surprise that supply-chain shortages and shipping constraints are affecting almost every aspect of life these days.

We truly want every size in every color available to you at all times, but that is not the current reality. Please know we understand your frustrations when we don’t have something you want. Our success is dependent upon your success. Because of these supply issues, we have significantly ramped up the volume of both our cullet and color orders. Things are simply taking longer to get to us, and ultimately to you.

Supplying the glass art community is something we love doing, and we look forward to a bright future with each of you.


Posted 08/27/2021

Starting September 1, 2021, we will be charging sales tax for orders in the following states:

  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • Washington

If you or your organization has a sales tax exemption certificate, and you plan to use it for glass purchases, it must be filed with us prior to placing your order. Once your certificate is submitted to us and we file it in our system, you will not be charged sales tax on glass products. If you are placing an online order after submitting your exemption certificate, and you see sales tax, please call us prior to finalizing your order because most likely our team needs to take additional action on your account. If an order is placed prior to submitting your exemption certificate to us, it will be up to you to get reimbursed by your state. We will not re-do invoices to omit sales tax after the initial sale.