Newspaper Koozie

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Newspaper Koozie

These woven newspaper covers are designed to keep your wet newspaper shaping pad from coming in direct contact with hot glass. They are made of woven graphite fibers on one side, and thick, woven cotton cloth on the other, sewn together with Kevlar thread. They are sized to cover a standard glass makers wet newspaper pad for use in the hot glassblowing studio. Average size is 8-1/2" wide x 9" tall. Colors vary on the cotton side.

Dry graphite cloth by itself is not a good glass tool. In fact, it can become red hot and stick to very hot glass. Similar to wood, the magic happens when the material is used with water. The wet newspaper inside generates steam when working the glass, which flows through the cloth and cushions the glass. It also keeps the graphite fibers cool, which keep them from sticking to very hot glass.