Luminar Mold Mix 6 Compound

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Luminar Mold Mix 6 Compound

ZIRCAR Mold Mix 6 is a refractory-molding compound designed to allow replication of three-dimensional objects in glass. It comes as a paste, which is applied to a suitably prepared pattern and hardens on drying. Properly prepared molds of Mold Mix 6 will resolve the finest details and possess good strength. However, it remains sufficiently friable to permit easy removal after annealing. Mold Mix 6 is highly resistant to reaction with hot glass and gives the fired work a high quality surface free of-hazing common to investment type molds. Mold Mix 6 may be used for hot casting, kiln casting methods and slumping, all with excellent results.

 Luminar Instruction Sheet

 Luminar Information Sheet        

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