Life on the Rails: Intermediate Glassblowing Techniques

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Life on the Rails by Steven Ciezki

Life on the Rails: Intermediate Glassblowing Techniques by Steven Ciezki caters to students who have taken a beginning glassblowing class. It’s for someone who is acquainted with the studio, equipment, and tools and who is starting to develop hand manipulation skills. The 285 page layout includes 837 colored process illustrations of glassblowing instruction accompanied by detailed explanation of invisible forces like heat, gravity, and pressure. Some contents include cleaning the studio, gathering, starter bubbles, maintaining a centered bubble, loading into the annealer, the jackline, flattening the bottom, the transfer, trimming, opening the lip, color applications, torches, and much more! This information leads up to the creation of the basic shapes: sphere, cylinder, cone, inverse cone, bottle, bowl, and plate. Most importantly, troubleshooting portions are scattered throughout the pages.

Below are two pages from the book.