Manufacturer Links

Here are some glass-related Manufacturers that we recommend:

Reichenbach Glass Color

I Squared R Element Company
Elements for the Electroglass furnaces.

Correll Glass Studio
Purveyors of quality hot glass equipment and tools for the studio glassblower.

Denver Glass Machinery
Equipment for the professional glass artist.

Wale Apparatus CO, Inc.
Scientific & Artistic Glassworking Equipment & Supplies.

Paradise & CO
Perfume Atomizer Supplies.

Blockhead Tools
Great handmade tools for the glass professional.

EK Miller Company
Developing and manufacturing a variety of kilns and controllers for creative companies since 1991.

Offering a variety of powder and ceramic coatings at an affordable price with quality and service you can count on.

Argent Enterprises Inc.
Manufacturers and resellers of furnaces to the glass industry.

High quality electric glassblowing furnaces.