Carlisle Mini CC Bench Burner

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Carlisle Mini CC Bench Burner

Carlisle created a Mini CC burner that is suitable for producing soft glass beads and smaller borosilicate work, that features the durability that Carlisle is well known for. Using a very different flame pattern from many of the other torches in its class, the Mini CC presents an extremely hot flame, that is also bushy. With a versilte flame atmosphere that can be set for reduction, neutral or oxidizing flames, the Mini CC presents a quick and easy way to produce the many color effects of todays glass artists.

Built with a very durable design, the Mini CC features a brass housing, stainless steel tube matrix of 7 fuel gas ports, and a stainless steel base with mounting holes. For the adjustment of the torch head angle, a ball joint is attached between the torch head and the base, allowing for 15 degrees of adjustment in any direction. SUGGESTED RETAIL $189.99.